The Atlantic Delta Lodge is located at the NE point of the Orinoco Delta and is moments away from the Caribbean sea. The Lodge is a short trip away from the location where Christopher Columbus is believed to have discovered the New World. When Columbus arrived here, he observed the immense amount of fresh water draining from the Orinoco and realized he had discovered a continent and not an island.
We aim to offer the individual or group, a chance to encounter a way of life experienced by the indigenous Warao. We provide opportunities for jungle treks, searching for crocodiles, fishing trips and visits to Warao communities where you can observe life on the Orinoco as lived by the Warao. Our project offers the individual a chance to experience Venezuela from the perspective of an explorer, adventurer or casual tourist. We can provide information, knowledge and resources to assist the traveler in their quest, or simply accommodate them on their sojourn in Latin America.
pier_orinoco_atlantic_lodge The Warao are an indigenous tribe of people who live on the banks of the Orinoco river. We have designed our project to reflect the style of architecture used by the these people. To ensure the safety of our guests, we use a detailed design with modern standards of construction. This formula has assisted us in providing a comfortable and realistic time for our guests without losing the rustic familiarity of the Warao experience.